Aba Aluminum Factory signed a contract with us

Author : hongteng Time : 2018-12-26

Aba Aluminum Factory is a local key enterprise funded for the implementation of Aba Prefecture's development strategy of "developing high-energy-consuming industries with hydropower as the leader". Located in Xuankou Town, Wenchuan County, 82 kilometers away from Chengdu.

At the end of 2018, Aba Aluminum Plant signed a contract with our company to select our company's intermediate frequency furnace smelting system for phosphorus pig iron smelting of the aluminum electrolysis anode carbon block casting part

The smelting system includes one intermediate frequency power supply, two 2T furnace bodies, and one closed cooling tower. According to customer requirements, we use a series inverter power supply with an output power of 1100KW and a maximum of 1250KW. The furnace body is turned with 631 reducer, steel shell structure, rated capacity 2000kg, maximum capacity 2300kg. Power consumption ≤650kwh/T.

The entire system has high reliability, meets industry power standards, and has excellent start-up performance. The success rate of start-up is 100% under the conditions of full furnace and freezing furnace.

A few days ago, the equipment has been sent to the customer's site and is in the installation stage. Looking forward to our company's equipment to provide strong guarantee and support for customer production.

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