Common Faults and Harm of Induction Coil in Medium Frequency Electric Furnace

Author : hongteng Time : 2020-08-22

The induction coil of the medium frequency electric furnace is the load of the medium frequency power supply and is usually made of square copper tubes with a wall thickness of 3-5 mm.

The common faults are as follows:

1.Water leakage in the induction coil, which may cause ignition between coil turns, the coil must be repaired in time before operate.

2.Molten steel sticks to the induction coil, the steel slag heats up and becomes red, which will cause copper tubes to burn through, so the steel slag must be removed in time.

3.Inter-turn short circuit of induction coil, this kind of fault is especially easy to occur in small medium frequency induction heating furnace, because the furnace is small and deforms under the action of thermal stress during operation, resulting in inter-turn short circuit. The fault is characterized by large current and higher working frequency than usual.

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