Electromagnetic induction heating 01

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-06-09

Technological introduction

Induction heating is a relatively new technology, it is used, is largely due to its unique properties When rapid changes in the current through the metal artifacts, makes skin effect, which made the current focus on the workpiece surface, on the metal surface to produce a selective high heat ferrari brother discovered the advantages of skin effect, discovered electromagnetic induction this phenomenon worthy of attention He is also the founders of induction heating induction heating does not require external heat source, but using heated workpiece itself as a heat source, this method also does not require the workpiece in contact with the energy that induction coilOther features include the ability to select different heating depths based on frequency, accurate local heating based on coil coupling design, and high power intensity, or high power density.

Suitable for induction heating heat treatment process should make full use of these features, and according to the following steps to design a complete equipment First of all, the technical requirements must be consistent with the basic characteristic of the induction heating This chapter will describe the workpiece electromagnetic effect in the synthesis of current distribution and the absorption of power According to the induced current produced by the heating effect and temperature effect, as well as in different frequencies, different metals and workpiece shape, temperature distribution of the knowledge, such as users and designers, can according to the requirements of technical conditions decided to take or reject it.

Second, the particular form of induction heating, must be in compliance with the requirements of technical conditions and determine, should also master the application and development situation, the application of induction heating main trend.

Third, the suitability and the best way of using the induction heating was determined, can design the sensors and many problems in induction heating power supply system, and engineering are similar in some basic perceptual knowledge, are generally derived from practical experience Can also be said that, if not for sensor shape power frequency and heated metal thermal performance of a correct understanding, it is impossible to design induction heater or system.

The effect of induction heating, the invisible magnetic field under the influence, and flame hardening is the same Produced by high frequency generator, for example, high frequency (200000 hz), general can produce dramatic fast and localized heat source, is equivalent to the role of small and concentrated high temperature gas flame On the other hand, the intermediate frequency (1000 hz and 10000 hz), the heating effect of scattered and slow, heat penetrates deeper, gas flame is similar to that of a larger and open.

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