How to reduce the probability of SCR burning out(2)

Author : hongteng Time : 2020-12-15

Correct installation pressure of SCR: 150-200KG/cm2. When the equipment leaves the factory, it is usually pressed and installed by an oil press. The manual use of ordinary wrenches cannot reach this value with the maximum strength, so there is no need to worry about silicon being crushed when manually loading and pressing. If the pressure is loose, silicon will be burned due to poor heat dissipation.

Silicon controlled rectifier radiator structure: water-cooled cavity + multi-copper column support. If the circulating water is too hard, it will scale inside the water cavity, resulting in poor heat dissipation. If leaves and other sundries enter the water cavity, it will also cause poor water flow.

The factory test temperature of SCR is 100 ℃ (junction temperature). Under normal circumstances, keeping the circulating water temperature of the electric cabinet below 45 ℃ can ensure its normal operation. Handheld infrared thermometer is very useful. The 350 ℃ thermometer costs only a few hundred yuan and is not too expensive. It can be used to measure the silicon controlled rectifier temperature and radiator temperature of the working power supply, so that abnormal points can be found in time and faults can be handled.


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