Method of use of crucible

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-02-26

Crucible is a kind of ceramic system as the bottom of the container, so it has very good high temperature resistance, can be used in metal smelting and casting aspects of industry, but the industrial use of graphite and silicon carbide crucible, graphite crucible of the heat conduction performance is good, but its easy to oxidation, breakage, and silicon carbide crucible is graphite crucible volume, big a longer service life.

Many people fail to preheat the new crucible when they use it, which causes the crucible to crack and brings hidden dangers to your personal safety and property safety. Today, I will tell you how to preheat the new crucible.

1. It is helpful for the dehumidifying surface of the crucible to preheat the crucible by placing it beside the oil furnace 4-5 hours before the use of the new crucible.

2. Before using the new crucible, put charcoal or wood in the crucible to burn for about four hours, which is helpful for the dehumidification of the crucible.

3. The heating time in the new crucible furnace is as follows: 0℃--200℃ slow heating for 4H; oil 0℃--300℃ slow heating for 1H; electricity 200℃--300℃ slow heating for 4H; furnace 300℃--800℃ slow heating for 4H; furnace 300℃--400℃ slow heating for 4H; furnace 400℃--600℃ fast heating for 2H4.After shutting down the furnace, the preheating time for opening the furnace is as follows: oil furnace and electric furnace: 0℃--300℃ slow heating for 1H 300℃--600℃ slow heating for 4H 600℃ fast heating to the required degree A.Electric furnace: when the shutdown is good is continuous insulation, temperature set at 600℃ or so;If not kept warm, the soup should be scooped out as far as possible, not left too much in the crucible;In case of power failure to quickly take out the material.B. Oil furnace: after stopping the furnace, the soup shall be scooped out as far as possible. The cover of the furnace and the vent of the furnace shall be covered, so as to keep the residual temperature of the furnace from dampening of the crucible.

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