Damage mechanism of intermediate frequency furnace refractory

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-05-20

Damage to the lining refractories is primarily a molten metal, metal oxides, slag penetration and the effect of temperature stress caused by. Coreless induction furnace lining is thinner, so line there is a large temperature gradient in the body, easy to cause lining cracking and peeling.When molten metal and oxide slag along the crack line body or pores to infiltrate deep inside, there had the following three conditions:

1)the molten metal oxidation, reduction, or generate low melting point material, the lining erosion or cracks, peeling off.Oxidizing reaction

2)molten metal and refractory materials, and with the volume expansion, lining body swell and fall.

3)strong alkali molten metal and slag, liquidity is very good, transform the body of scour erosion is more serious.

Copper to copper alloys in a permeability strong, its melting point is 1083 ℃. Melting, melt infiltration to the inside lining body oxidization and volume expansion. When the copper oxide is Cu20, the volume increases 0.64 times, oxidation into Cuo, volume increased 0.75 times. Caused by the oxidation of copper, the volume change of lining materials, the lining material structure cracks, even happen spalling. Because the copper liquid in the furnace, the temperature is above 1250 ℃, the viscosity and water approximation, so its liquidity and permeability is strong, easy to penetrate the lining in the body, after repeated cold heat volume change, make the lining body produces burst, especially in temperature mutations, easy cause lining body collapse.

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