Hongteng rolling mill

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-05-21

Hongteng rolling mill is mainly suitable for the 500kg-10t/h steel bar production line. According to the customer's situation, we can divide these production lines into three categories: 1. Simple, 2. Semi-continuous rolling, 3. Casting and rolling.

We recommend using billet multiply 60mm by 60mm for the production of 5 tons, which can save the investment cost and better match the production requirements.

The production line of the rolling mill has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible conversion, and cost-saving

The rolling mill is mainly divided into roughing mill,medium rolling mill  and  finished rolling mill. The arrangement of the rolling mill is also very flexible.

1. our rolling mill contains the guide rail, which can guide the bar into rolling mills quickly and accurately

2.and we can also offer you the auxiliary equipment of shearing, cut to length, cooling bed, upper and lower roller table, translating roller table,

3.all our equipment of rolling mill is completely new, not used or second hand

4.because 80% of our products are exported, so we know better about your requirements, so our plan is more suitable for you, and we can ensure that   our plan is more competitive 

5.  we can also customize special machines according to your requirements

During machine production, we can take pictures or make videos for customer checking.

After-sales service

We can arrange technician to go to the customer's factory to install and adjust the machine.

We have after-sales service center in Vietnam and Indonesia, to supply all life-time machine maintenance and repairment service


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