Brief Introduction of Induction Furnace

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-03-23

Brief Introduction of Induction Furnace an electric furnace that uses the induction electric heating effect of materials to heat or melt materials. The basic components of the induction furnace are induction loops wound with copper tubes. AC voltage is applied to both ends of the induction coil to generate alternating electromagnetic fields, conductive materials are placed in the induction coil, eddy current is generated in the materials due to electromagnetic induction, and electric energy is converted into thermal energy under the action of resistance to heat the materials; Therefore, induction electroheating can also be considered as a direct heating resistance electroheating.

Induction electroheating is characterized by uneven electric heating power (current distribution) converted in the heated material, with the largest surface and the smallest center, which is called skin effect. In order to improve the electric heating efficiency of induction heating, the power supply frequency should be appropriate. Small smelting furnaces or high-frequency electricity should be used for surface heating of materials, while large smelting furnaces or medium-frequency or power-frequency electricity should be used for deep heating of materials. Induction coil is a load with considerable inductance, and its power factor is generally very low. In order to improve the power factor, induction coils are generally connected in parallel with intermediate frequency or high frequency capacitors, which are called resonant capacitors. The gap between the induction ring and the material should be small. The induction ring should be made of square copper tube. The tube should be cooled by water. The gap between turns of the induction ring should be as small as possible and the insulation should be good. Induction heating device is mainly used for heating and casting steel, copper, aluminum and zinc, etc. It has fast heating, less burning loss, high degree of mechanization and automation, and is suitable for configuration on automatic operation lines.

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