How to solve the energy loss of intermediate frequency electric furnace?

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-04-21

In the process of metal heating or smelting in intermediate frequency electric furnace, electric energy is converted into heat energy by electromagnetic induction, and then iron and steel are heated or melted by heat energy.In the working process of medium frequency electric furnace, only 70-74% of the energy is used for the smelting of charge, and the other 26-30% energy is lost, in which copper consumption is as high as 13%, followed by 7% furnace consumption, and the rest is line loss.

To solve the problem of energy loss, the following measures can be taken:

1. Increasing the cross section area of induction coil and water-cooled cable will greatly reduce its current density, reduce the power loss of power supply line, also help to reduce the working environment temperature of induction coil and water cable, and reduce the formation of scale.

2. Reduce the temperature of the water cycle. In the process of smelting, the temperature of induction coil and water-cooled cable increases, and the resistance of induction coil and water-cooled cable will increase with the increase of temperature, which will lead to the increase of electricity consumption.

3. To reduce the effect of scale on the cooling effect of water circulation, distilled water is used for water cooling, which avoids the deposition of various metal salts on water cooling pipes in high temperature water, and forms extremely poor thermal conductivity scale.

4.  Output voltage of transformer side is between 660 V-800V. When the output voltage is 650 V and the output power is constant, the working current of if induction furnace will be reduced to 0.6 times of the original 380 V, the copper loss will be reduced to 1/3, and the heat loss of transformer itself will be reduced.

The steel shell furnace has the advantages of strong durability, high efficiency, high productivity and low noise. The yoke of the steel shell furnace has the function of shielding and reflecting the magnetic force line produced by the coil, which can reduce the magnetic leakage and increase the productivity, and can save about 5-10% energy.

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