Which furnace brand is best?

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-01-29

When shopping for a new furnace, you will probably see a number of different brand names and several popular features. But there’s something important you should know.

In China, furnace manufacturers are concentrated in Luoyang, so you will want to say, which one should Luoyang choose for so many furnace manufacturers?

1.Is it a real factory? In order to get a better price

2. In this industry, whether it is in the head position or not, the manufacturers in the head position usually have better service in order to maintain their position.
3. Whether they have the ability of independent research and development, manufacturers committed to independent research and development usually have better scientific and technological standards.
4. What percentage of products are exported? Manufacturers who mainly export are better able to understand the demand abroad.

Here Luoyang hongteng brand is your best choice.

1. We are a real factory, more than 20years experience  

2. We are the top in this machinery industry.

3. We have the ability to develop independently.

4. 80% of our products are exported

5. And the price, we are super reasonable

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