Energy Loss Analysis of Medium Frequency Electric Furnace

Author : hongteng Time : 2021-04-08

In the design, manufacture and after-sale of medium frequency electric furnace, we often talk to customers about the energy saving problem of medium frequency electric furnace.Medium frequency electric furnace is the process of converting electric energy into heat energy, and using electromagnetic induction principle to convert electric energy into induction heating equipment for heating or melting materials. Medium frequency furnace includes medium frequency furnace, medium frequency heating furnace and medium frequency melting furnace. It is a high energy-consuming induction heating equipment, so it requires high energy saving.

In the process of converting electric energy into heat energy, there are the following kinds of energy losses:

1. The electric furnace induction coil itself energy consumption, we call it copper consumption;

2. In the process of converting heat energy, the heat loss on the furnace body is called furnace loss;

3. The heat radiation produced during feeding, melting and discharging is called radiation loss;

4. The electric energy of distribution equipment will also lose energy during the transmission of the line, which we call line loss.

In the working process of intermediate frequency electric furnace, only 70-74% of the energy is used for the smelting of charge, and the other 26% energy is lost through the above way, in which copper consumption is as high as 13%, followed by 7% furnace consumption, and the rest is line loss.

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