Common Classification of Steel Bars

Author : hongteng Time : 2020-11-27

Generally classified according to chemical composition, production process, rolling shape, supply form, diameter size, and use in structure:

According to the rolling shape points

(1) Smooth steel bar: Grade I steel bar (Q235 steel bar) is rolled into smooth circular section, and the supply form is disk circle, with diameter not more than 10mm and length of 6m ~ 12m. 

(2) Ribbed steel bars: there are three types: spiral, herringbone and crescent. Generally, Grade II and III steel bars are rolled into glyph, while Grade IV steel bars are rolled into spiral and crescent. 

(3) Steel wire (divided into low carbon steel wire and carbon steel wire) and steel strand.

(4) Cold rolled and twisted steel bars: cold rolled and formed by cold twisting. 

According to the diameter of steel wire (diameter 3 ~ 5mm), fine steel bar (diameter 6 ~ 10mm), coarse steel bar (diameter more than 22mm). 

According to mechanical properties

Grade I steel bar (235/370 grade); Grade II steel bar (335/510 grade); Grade III Reinforcement (370/570) and Grade IV Reinforcement (540/835)

Hot rolled, cold rolled and cold drawn steel bars are divided according to the production process, and heat treated steel bars made of Grade IV steel bars through heat treatment are of higher strength than the former. 

 According to the function in the structure, it is divided into compression steel bar, tension steel bar, erection steel bar, distribution steel bar, stirrup, etc.

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