Three Processes of Medium Frequency Furnace Heating

Author : hongteng Time : 2020-12-23

How does the medium frequency furnace convert electric energy into heat energy to heat metal burden? In short, it includes the following three steps:

1. Alternating current generates alternating magnetic field

2. Induced current generated by alternating magnetic field

3. Induced current is converted into heat energy

It can be seen that the whole heating process of the medium frequency furnace is frustrated by the process of energy conversion. First, electric energy is converted into magnetic field energy, then magnetic field energy is converted into electric energy, and most of all electric energy is converted into heat energy to heat metal. From this point, it can be seen that the heating method of medium frequency furnace is different from that of electric arc furnace, plasma furnace, resistance furnace, etc. Many transformations of melancholy energy forms will inevitably lead to losses, so it is called low thermal efficiency. This requires taking measures to compensate from the electrical lines to reduce losses and improve efficiency, thus making medium frequency equipment more energy-saving.

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