3LPE Steel Pipe Anti-corrosion Coating Production Line

3LPE Steel Pipe Anti-corrosion Coating Production Line

  • 3LPE anti-corrosive steel pipe is generally composed of a three-layer structure:
  • First layer: Epoxy powder (FBE>100um)
  • Second layer: Adhesive (AD) 170-250um
  • Third layer: Polythene (PE) 2.5-3.7mm



The bottom layer of the 3LPE steel pipe anti-corrosion coating is the epoxy powder coating in contact with the steel pipe surface, and the intermediate layer is a copolymerized adhesive with functional groups of branch structure. The surface layer is high-density polyethylene anti-corrosive coating.

3PE anti-corrosive coating combines the characteristics of epoxy resin and polyethylene with high impermeability and high mechanical properties. So far, it is recognized as the best pipeline anti-corrosive coating with the best performance in the world. It has been used in many projects.

In practice, it is firmly combined with steel pipe to form an excellent anti-corrosion coating by mixing three materials into one. It is divided into winding type and circular coating type according to the processing method.

3PE anti-corrosive steel pipe coating, namely three-layer polyethylene anti-corrosion coating, is a new kind of anti-corrosion steel pipe coating produced by combining 2PE anti-corrosive coating in Europe and FEB in North America. It has been recognized and used in the world for more than 10 years.

Product Features:

1. 3LPE anti-corrosive steel pipe has extremely high tightness, which can greatly save energy in long-term operation, reduce costs, and protect the environment.

2. It has strong corrosion resistance with a service life of up to 30-50 years.

3. It also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance at low temperatures.

4. It has high epoxy strength, low PE water absorption, good softness of hot melts, and high anti-corrosion reliability at the same time. It is characterized by a simple fabrication process, good anti-corrosion effect, and low price. It is a widely accepted anti-corrosion method in the pipeline manufacturing industry.


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