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Induction heating furnace

  • Heating type: MF Induction
  • Heatable material: Gear bearings, pipe, rod, steel bars, locally heated U-bolts
  • Heating temperature: 200-1300 degrees
  • Heating speed: According to the request



The billet induction heating furnace is mainly used for workpiece heating in the continuous casting and rolling production line. The heating temperature is between 200-1,400 degrees.

1. Pre-forging heating: applied to gear, ring gear, bearing, shackle, and rigging.

2. Online heating: Pipe anti-corrosion coating, long steel rod heating, steel (wire) tube online quenching, and tempering.

3. Local heating: U-bolt bending, thermal assembly of the drum, steel pipe elbow, etc.

Product Features:

  • 1. The induction coil is insulated by two insulation treatments, high-temperature insulating paint and fiberglass ribbon winding.
  • 2. The top of the furnace body is designed with a sliding cover, which is convenient for maintenance and inspection.
  • 3. Equipment installation and operation is simple.
  • 4. Equipment covers a small area
  • 5. Stable and reliable heating temperature
  • 6. Power consumption 280kwh/ton


Specification and Technical Parameter
Model MF Power Input Voltage DC Current MF Frequency
GTR-200 200kw 3ph, 380V 400A 2-10KHZ
GTR-300 300kw 3ph, 380V 600A 2-10KHZ
GTR-400 400kw 3ph, 380V 800A 2-10KHZ
GTR-500 500kw 3ph, 380V 1000A 2-10KHZ
GTR-800 800kw 3ph, 380V 1600A 2-10KHZ
GTR-1000 1000kw 3ph, 380V 2000A 2-10KHZ
GTR-1500 1500kw 3ph, 380V 3000A 2-10KHZ
GTR-2000 2000kw 3ph, 380V 4000A 2-10KHZ

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