Billet heating furnace

Billet heating furnace

  • Heating type: MF Induction
  • Heatable material: Steel billet
  • Heating temperature: 200-1300 degree
  • Heating speed: According to request



Mainly used for reheating the billet before rolling the steel bar, after the billet is pulled out from the continuous casting machine, surface temperature is 750 ~ 850℃, internal temperature 950 ~ 1000℃, 1/3 of the interior of the billet does not need to be reheating.

Select different oscillation frequencies according to different billet cross-section sizes, you can get the best heating efficiency.

Product Features:

  • 1, Simple operation, flexible feeding and discharging, and high degree of automation.
  • 2, Fast heating speed, high efficiency, less oxide scale
  • 3, The heating speed and temperature of the workpiece can be accurately controlled.
  • 4, Inductor can be made according to customer requirements, and the maintenance cost is low;
  • 5, Energy-saving design, low energy consumption, high efficiency, lower production cost than coal burning, oil, etc.;
  • 6, Meet the requirements of environmental protection, low pollution and small occupied area.
  • 7. No need to install, plug and play. No need to preheating, start heating when starting up.


Specification and Technical Parameter
Model MF Power Input Voltage DC Current MF Frequency
KGPS-400 400kw 380V 800A 1KHZ
KGPS-500 500kw 380V 1000A 1KHZ
KGPS-750 750kw 380V,660V 1500A,850A 0.8KHZ
KGPS 1000 1000kw 380V,660V 2000A,1140A 0.8KHZ
KGPS-1500 1500kw 380V,660V 3000A,1700A 0.5KHZ
KGPS-2000 2000kw 660V,1250V 2273A,1212A 0.5KHZ
KGPS-2500 2500kw 660V,1250V 2840A,1515A 0.5KHZ
KGPS-3500 3000kw 660V,1250V 4000A,2100A 0.5KHZ

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