Induction zinc melting furnace

Induction zinc melting furnace

  • Melting Body Material:Aluminum shell
  • Capacity: 0.1T-1.5T
  • Melting Time: 60mins-90mins
  • Meltable material: Zinc, copper
  • Configuration:Melting body, control cabinet



Mainly used for smelting all kinds of zinc, scrap metal, iron, copper, aluminum. This furnace can smelting the scrap zinc. It’s a new type energy-saving and environmentally friendly melting furnace, no cooling equipment required. high productivity, reduce manufacturing cost.

Product Features:

  • 1.Energy-saving-Its energy consumption is 50% lower than that of resistance furnace, and 60% lower than diesel and natural gas furnaces;
  • 2.High-efficiency-The temperature rises fast, much higher than the resistance furnace,Easy temperature control and high production efficiency.
  • 3. Environmental protection - no dust, no fumes, no noise in the production process.
  • 4. Less zinc dross- the heating temperature is uniform,Compared with other heating methods,zine dross is reduced about 1/3;
  • 5. Insulation function-the insulation effect is good, the insulation only needs 3 KWH / hour;
  • 6. The zinc liquid does not roll, the liquid is purer and the oxidation is smaller.
  • 7. Crucible self-heating, accurate temperature control, high qualified rate of finished products;


Specification and Technical Parameter
Model Powder Voltage Frequency
0.1T 30kw 380 8000
0.2T 60 380 8000
0.4T 60 380 8000
0.5T 80 380 15000
0.7T 80 380 15000
1T 120 380 15000
1.5T 160 380 15000

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