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Continuous casting and rolling production line

  • Rolling direction: Vertical series
  • Capacity: Above 3T/H
  • Rolling speed: At least 5m/s
  • Size of billet: 40*40-120*120
  • Dimensions of final product: 6-16mm



The continuous steel hot rolling mill is an advanced steel rolling production line. The steel billet from the continuous casting machine or pre-heated by the billet heating furnace is rolled in several stands at the same time, and rolling along the same direction finally forms a certain section shape. It applies to most of steel plants to produce section bars, wire rods, steel bars, channel steel, flat bars, steel plates, and other products.

[caption id="attachment_2263" align="alignnone" width="1500"]HTGP Continuous Hot Steel Rolling Production Line Process HTGP Continuous Hot Steel Rolling Production Line Process[/caption]

Product Features:

  • 1. The raw material is steel scrap or billet (40-120mm). The production capacity is suitable for 5- 20t/h, and the diameter of the steel bar of the final product is 6.5-32mm.
  • 2. Save energy consumption by using continuous casting billets.
  • 3. Save the metal consumption and improve the metal forming.
  • 4. Simplify the production process, reduce plant area and transport equipment, and save infrastructure investment and production costs.
  • 5. Greatly shorten the production cycle.
  • 6. Provide overall solution and after-sales guarantee.
  • 7. Provide plant design, proposal, manufacturing, shipping, installation, and commissioning services.
  • 8. Provide factory building design, overall equipment layout, rolling mill process design, electrical circuit layout, and other services.


Specification and Technical Parameter
Capacity(T/Hour) Working hours(Year) Electricity consumption Feed section Rebar diameter
5 2400 5MW 60*60 Ø8-16
8 2400 8.5MW 70*70 Ø8-16
10 3600 9.5MW 90*90 Ø8-32
15 3600 10MW 120*120 Ø8-32
16 6000 15MW 120*120 Ø6.5-32
35 6000 26MW 150*150 Ø6.5-32

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