Induction aluminum melting furnace

Induction aluminum melting furnace

  • Melting Body Material:Aluminum shell
  • Capacity: 0.1T-5T,
  • Melting Time: 60mins-90mins
  • Meltable material: Aluminum, copper
  • Dump type: Tilt or not-tilt
  • Configuration:Melting body, control cabinet, (reducer, control box)



Aluminum melting furnace for melting aluminum alloy; Raw materials include aluminum ingots, scrap aluminum castings, scrap aluminum doors and windows, used wires and used cans, etc. It can be equipped with automatic aluminum ingot production line for automatic casting.

Product Features:

  • 1. Aluminium melting furnace use crucible to melt all kinds of scrap aluminium.
  • 2. This aluminum melting furnace is fully digitally controlled with high stability, supporting automatic casting line can realize continuous production operation. Can be started and stopped at any time.
  • 3. All kinds of aluminum cans ,aluminum powder, aluminium wires, aluminium ingots, aluminum wheels, aluminum alloy door window etc all can melt in our electric type melting furnace.
  • 4. From aluminum scraps to final ingots, including the treatment of aluminum ash after melting. the recovery efficiency will be around 92%.
  • 5. Our aluminum melting furnace is air cooling type, no need extra water cooling machine investment. Easy to use.
  • 6. We can supply all this line from scraps aluminum cans to final ingots, and we can also supply this line technology to our customers.
  • 7. The aluminum melting furnace does not need to be installed, save time, convenient and quick.
  • 8. The aluminum melting furnace can be used more than 10 years.


Specification and Technical Parameter
Model Powder Input Voltage MF Frequency(HZ) Transformer(KVA)
0.1T 80KW 3*380V 2500 125
0.25T 180KW 3*380V 2000 250
0.5T 400KW 3*380V 1500 500
1T 600KW 3*660V 800 900
1.5T 70KW 3*660V 600 1250
2T 1000KW 3*660V 600 1600
3T 1500KW 3*950V 500 2500
5T 2000KW 6*950V 500 3300

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