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Aluminum/Copper Ingot Continuous Casting Line

  • Length: 5-24 meters long
  • Capacity: 1T-10T
  • Running speed: 0-6 m/min adjustable
  • Ingots size: 6-30kg (ingots size can be customized)
  • Liquid separation system: Automatic



The aluminum/copper ingot continuous casting Line is mainly used for the automatic casting of aluminum, copper, and other non-ferrous metals. It can reach 10 tons per hour. The main structure includes a u-steel channel welded steel body, conveyor, speed-adjust motor, reducer, big & small chain wheel & chains, and power distribution systems.

Product Features:

Below are some additional features of the ingot casting line.

  • 1. This equipment is straight-line, 1.3 meters wide, and 5-24 meters long;
  • 2. Ingots size: 6-30kg (customized available);
  • 3. The running speed of the equipment is 0-6m/min adjustable;
  • 4. The driving motor is an AC speed-regulating motor with electromagnetic or variable frequency mode;
  • 5. The main feature is stepless speed regulation, automatic liquid filling, ingot uniform, low labor intensity;
  • 6. The output can be increased by 20%-30% by using this equipment;
  • 7. It can form a complete ingot production line by choosing a manipulator ingot stacking machine and rear section transportation equipment;
  • 8. Provide overall solution and after-sales guarantee;
  • 9. Provide plant design, proposal, manufacturing, shipping, installation, and commissioning services;
  • 10. Provide overall equipment layout, aluminum ingots production line process design, and electrical circuit layout.


Specification For Aluminum Melting Furnace
Model Power Input Voltage MF Frequency(HZ) Transformer(KVA)
0.1T 80KW 3*380V 2500 125
0.25T 180KW 3*380V 2000 250
0.5T 400KW 3*380V 1500 500
1T 600KW 3*660V 800 900
2T 1000KW 3*660V 600 1600
3T 1500KW 3*950V 500 2500
5T 2000KW 6*950V 500 3300

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