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Continuous Casting Machine

  • Machine Type: All Integrated machine
  • Capacity: 3T-50T
  • Host flow: one-flow, two-flow, multi-flow
  • Work station: No need
  • Steel billet size: Adjustable
  • Cutting methods: manual, mechanical, and flame cutting



This equipment is using to casting billet continuously, the main products are R2.5M, R3M, R4M, R6M, R9M, and R12M continuous casting machine with matching radius. It is composed of large steel ladle, middle steel ladle, crystallizer, vibration device, arc section, primary water cooling, secondary water cooling, dummy bar, billet pulling device, multi-point straightening and cutting device etc.

The min capacity is 4.7ton per hour. Suitable for the production line over 5T per hour. The billet size: 60*60mm-220*220mm, the running speed of the continuous casting machine is adjustable.

Product Features:

  • 1. Small occupation area, and the worktable can be large or small according to the different installation methods.
  • 2. Various casting methods, such as manual casting, crane casting, rail car casting, electric furnace direct casting etc.
  • 3. The height of the casting machine is below 3.5m, and it can be installed in the folk houses. Meanwhile the casting machine can be under the ground of 1m to use an electric furnace for casting.
  • 4. As the all-in type structure, it can be installed by an crane to shorten the installation time. It can start the work when the water and electricity is connected.
  • 5. It’s easy to realize the working of continuous casting and rolling only by raising 300℃ for the billets when using 25 type or 30 type rolling mill.
  • 6. The start-up preparation time is short, and it can be completed to start the work within 10 minutes.
  • 7. The operator can work in skillful by a short-term training.
  • 8. There are no requirements on the cooling water, such as water quality, acidity and alkalinity, soft hardness and minerals etc. Any water can be used.
  • 9. It is workable on low carbon steel, medium carton steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel etc.
  • 10. Simply operation and reliable running, speed adjustable.
  • 11. Simplest design structure which can reduce the maintenance and ensure the normal running of the machine.


Main Parameter R2.25M R4M R5.25M R6M
Power 95KW
Billet Size 60-80 square 90-150 square 90-180 square 90-220 square
Flow One flow or multi-flow according to customer’s requirements
Working Speed Adjustable.  Normal working: 4-4.7M/min
Cutting Method Manual / Mechanical / Flame cutting
Production Capacity 4-8T/Hour/ Flow 8-20T/Hour/Flow 8-30T/Hour/Flow 8-50T/Hour/Flow
Workshop Lifting height 6M 9M 9-12M 9-12M

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