Mini rolling mill production line

Mini rolling mill production line

  • Rolling direction: H series
  • Capacity: 0.5T-5T
  • Rolling speed: 1.5-5m/s
  • Size of billet: 30*30-90*90
  • Dimensions of steel bars: 6.5-32mm


Mainly used in iron and steel plants to produce steel bar, special-shaped bars, wires, channel steel, flat bars, steel plates and other products. The raw material is steel scrap or billet (40-100mm), the production capacity is suitable for 0.5- 5t/h, and the diameter of the steel bar of the final product: 8-32mm

Product Features:

  • 1. H Series rolling mill can reserve a lot of space in equipment upgrade, For example, if you have enough space, you can increase the continuous rolling mill directly. All original investment equipment does not need to be dismantled.
  • 2. The horizontal rolling mill can increase the tail plate for automatic operation, which can effectively reduce the amount of personnel.
  • 3. For example, 60*60 billet,It takes 13 passes to roll out 8mm rebar. If it is a horizontal four rack mills, Passing the first mill7times. Passing the second mill 5yimes.After passing the third rolling mill and the fourth rolling mill, it becomes a finished product.
  • 4. The biggest advantage of the H series mill is its flexibility. Choose a reasonable deformation sequence and pasing times according to different finished product sizes.
  • 5. The electrical control system is simple and reliable. There is only one set of power motors for a set of equipment. There is only one control system. The structure is simple and convenient for later maintenance and replacement of parts.
  • 6. Rolling coiled bar needs to increase the laying machine at the end of the rolling mill, Rolling angle steel needs to increase the straightening machine at the end of the rolling mill


Specification and Technical Parameter
Model Powder Rolling Speed Feed section Rolling specification
H200-2 90KW 1.5 30*30 Ø10-16
H220-2 95KW 1.5-2 40*40 Ø10-24
H250-3 180KW 1.8-2.5 50*50 Ø8-32
H250-4 315/240KW 2.5-4 60*60 Ø8-32
H250-5 500KW 2.5-5 50*50 Ø6.5-32
H280-5 630KW 2-2.5 70*70 Ø6.5-32
H300-5 680KW 2-2.5 90*90 Ø6.5-32
H350-5 800KW 2-2.5 90*90 Ø6.5-32

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