Small metal melting furnace

Small metal melting furnace

  • Melting Body Material:Aluminum shell
  • Capacity: 10Kg-50Kg
  • Melting Time: 20mins-60mins
  • Meltable material: Steel, iron, aluminum and copper
  • Configuration:Melting body, control cabinet, reducer



Smelting and purifying metals such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, etc. through the Crucible, can also be used for the melting small amount of nickel alloy, silicon powder alloy, K gold and other metal materials. The furnace type can be customized according to the customer's situation,.

Product Features:

  • 1. Very easy to install and operate, small size, light weight, movable, covering less than 1 square meter;
  • 2. Can work continuously for 24 hours, environmental protection and energy saving. The power supply adopts IGBT imported power device, which is more integrated and miniaturized.
  • 3. Effective output power is over 90%.
  • 4. IGBT induction heating power supply, 10% energy saving than traditional thyristor power supply! the medium- frequency magnetic has a stirring effect on the metal liquid,Conducive to the uniformity of the ingredients and the floating of the metal slag.
  • 5. According to the recommended equipment and maximum capacity, each furnace smelting time 20-30 minutes.
  • 6. The melting temperature is 1500-2000 ℃, and the furnace temperature is controllable.
  • 7. The complete equipment completely solves the drawbacks of the original melting process such as coke furnace and gas furnace. Is the most powerful helper for your production.


Specification and Technical Parameter
Model Working Voltage Oscillation frequency Output current Cooling water capacity Machine weight Size
TG-2KW 220V 1-250KHZ 100-500A 7.3L/MIN 15KG 490*240*460mm
TG-15KW 220V 1-100KHZ 200-600A 7.5L/MIN 35KG 490*240*460mm
TG-25KW 380V 1-100KHZ 200-1200A 7.5L/MIN 55KG 590*260*460mm
TG-35KW 380V 1-100KHZ 200-1300A 7.6L/MIN 70KG 590*260*460mm 420*320*360mm
TG-45KW 380V 1-100KHZ 200-2000A 7.6L/MIN 90KG 600*270*370mm 600*320*360mm
TG-60KW 380V 1-100KHZ 200-2000A 9L/MIN 120KG 600*450*900mm 500*390*450mm
TG-80KW 380V 1-100KHZ 200-2000A 9L/MIN 140KG 600*450*900mm 500*390*450mm
TG-100KW 380V 1-100KHZ 200-2000A 10L/MIN 180KG 710*475*850mm 560*400*670mm

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