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How to choose the roller material of rolling mill equipment?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-11-08

Roll the primary performance index of the rolling mill equipment have core strength outstanding wear resistance and operating layer Select roll in addition to the consideration of economy and roll changing match the outage time slot cycle, more important from each unit vehicles pass out different workpiece deformation characteristic product accuracy requirements, choose reasonable inductive performance good roll for different vehicles Rolling mill roughing mill frame priority is reduced section under high temperature, roll in the bearing rolling force is big Large amount of groove deep down, and roll neck should have higher strength Second, due to the roll in the bearing rolling speed is slow, relatively speaking, roll and high-temperature billet touch time is long, so want to have good thermal cracking resistance to fall off The frame selection of alloy steel, semi-steel alloy ductile iron or ferrite ductile iron can meet the requirements

In general, the rolling mill in the rolling mill selects the circular pass elliptic system, which mainly bears the task of extending the rolled piece and supplying accurate material type for the finishing mill group. For the whole rolling mill, it has the effect of connecting the upper and lower. The rolling groove of the rolling mill is still deep and will bear larger rolling force, so the strength of the roll is very important But as a result of roll pass, big size tank bottom cooling can not achieve robustness, and therefore requires the bearing roller has good thermal crack resistance and impact toughness, also has the corresponding abrasion resistance According to the location features, its wear resistance than in roughing mill group, especially to the tank bottom and top hardness were similar, fundamental, common choose centrifugal composite roll but right here

Centrifugal casting is the outer layers of the roll and core iron separation exercise, the raw material can be adjusted according to the requirement of the roll too, roll the outer layer of molten iron condensation crystallization under the effect of centrifugal force Roll operation layer density high, therefore, uniform hardness, small radial hardness drop, at the same time, roll the outer casting thickness can be concluded that the mill needs In general, static casting is selected, and the outer cold-hard layer of the roller is formed by the metal type cold, the operation layer is thin, and the radial hardness drop is large, which cannot satisfy the requirements of the mill. Therefore, the pearlite centrifugal composite roller alloy infinite cold-hard cast iron roll can be selected as the role of the middle rolling mill

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