About the power debugging of the intermediate frequency industrial furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-09-28

When users buy an intermediate frequency furnace, they need to know some methods about power supply debugging. Today we will summarize them for you.

Overvoltage debugging methods and steps

Turn on the power supply, slowly increase the power potentiometer to make the intermediate frequency voltage reach 750v, adjust the overvoltage protection potentiometer clockwise, and the overvoltage indicator light is on.

The power potentiometer returns to zero, and the quenching equipment automatically resets the protection system. Turn the overvoltage potentiometer two to three turns counterclockwise, and release the voltage limiting potentiometer.

Restart the power supply to make the voltage of the intermediate frequency furnace rise to 800v ~ 820v, and slowly adjust the overvoltage potentiometer clockwise to make the intermediate frequency power supply overvoltage protection action, and the overvoltage indicator light is on. Start again to verify that the overvoltage protection value is accurate.

Restore the voltage-limiting setting value, and adjust the potentiometer of the inverter angle ceramic disc to make the ratio of the intermediate frequency voltage and the DC voltage about 1.4.

Note: The debugging of overvoltage and voltage limit should be carried out under no-load condition. These two debuggings are strictly prohibited under overload conditions! Otherwise the consequences are serious.

Turn on the power supply, start the inverter, slowly increase the power potentiometer to gradually increase the intermediate frequency voltage, and adjust the voltage limiting potentiometer clockwise when it reaches 750v, so that the intermediate frequency voltage does not rise with the rotation of the power potentiometer.

Debugging method and steps of intermediate frequency furnace current limiting

Start the secondary power supply with no load first to verify the basic start-up performance of the power supply and whether each instrument is normal.

Fill up the charge in the intermediate frequency furnace, try to be a larger block material.

Restart the power supply slowly, and check whether the furnace start-up performance is good. If the intermediate frequency voltage is difficult to establish at startup, that is, it is difficult to start, the potentiometer signal of the ceramic plate should be adjusted to increase the angle of the inverter.

Start slowly again, and gradually increase the power until the current reaches the rated value after successful startup, adjust the current limiting potentiometer so that the current does not rise with the rotation of the power potentiometer.

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