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Analysis of common safety issues regarding the use of smelting furnaces

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-04-12

In the process of using the smelting furnace, in order to avoid accidents such as furnace penetration and leakage, safety management is very important. Below, the editor of Hongteng will analyze these common safety problems for you.

The cause of the accident through the furnace

1. The molten iron cooling time is too long and the cover is formed, and it is heated and expanded again. During the melting process of the furnace lining, the molten iron penetrates out of the crack, causing it to pass through the furnace, or spray out from the knot cover, resulting in a blast furnace accident.

2. With the increase of furnace age, the volume of the furnace lining becomes larger, the amount of molten iron in the furnace increases, and the furnace lining is thin, which can not withstand the pressure of molten iron locally, which leads to the penetration of the furnace.

3. When the furnace lining is knotted, some parts do not meet the requirements or some impurities are brought in and are not found, especially ferromagnetic substances, which cause the above defects to pass through during smelting.

4. The furnace lining is rapidly cooled to produce cracks, and the molten iron penetrates through the cracks during the smelting process.

5. The column of the induction coil is not fixed properly, and the support and stability of the furnace lining are lost, and the furnace lining shakes and cracks when the furnace is tilted.

Treatment measures for leaking furnace

If there is a leaking furnace, if the leaking furnace is on the front side of the smelting furnace, part of the molten iron must be quickly dumped so that the height of the molten iron in the furnace is lower than that of the leaking furnace, and then the furnace body is straightened. If the leaking furnace is on the back side of the smelting furnace, it is necessary to quickly shut down the main water inlet valve of the circulating water of the coil, directly tilt the furnace, empty all the molten iron, and evacuate the emergency personnel from the scene.

This is the relevant knowledge about the safe production of smelting furnaces that we share. Welcome to Luoyang Hongteng to give more furnace service for you.

Video of the use process of the melting furnace

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