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Electric heating furnace for steel rolling

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-08-01

We, Hongteng, are a manufacturer of melting furnaces. The heating principle of the melting furnace is electromagnetic induction. In fact, we can produce many products using electromagnetic induction, such as our other product: billet heating furnace.

In the steel rolling production line, the billet needs to be heated to reach the rolling temperature before entering the rolling mill.

There are many ways of heating, such as coal heating, natural gas heating, coke oven gas heating, resistance furnace heating, and electromagnetic induction heating.

These heating methods are all to heat the billet evenly, change the internal structure and properties, improve the plasticity of the billet, reduce the deformation resistance, and make the rolling deformation of the billet easier to obtain profiles with precise geometric dimensions.

Among them, electromagnetic induction has the advantages of fast heating speed, high material utilization rate, suitable for automatic operation, environmental protection and energy saving, etc.

The electric furnace manufactured by the principle of electromagnetic induction is the billet heating furnace.

The billet heating furnace is suitable for heating billets of rolled carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper alloy.

There are many specifications of heating blanks, such as 40*40; 50*50; 64*64; 82*82; 98*98; 124*124; 120*150; 152*164; 152*170mm, length: 9000mm. We can design according to every specification, suitable induction heating furnace.

The temperature of the billet heating furnace can also be set, generally in the range of 400°C to 1200°C. Heating efficiency is 0.15t/h—25t/h

Advantages of billet heating furnace:

It can make the continuous casting and rolling process continuous, so as to make full use of the waste heat of the continuous casting billet, and realize the direct rolling of 0-0.3 pyrogenic materials, which is more than the old process of heating and rolling the continuous casting billet after cooling. Can save 50-80% energy.

The use of a heating furnace can simplify the production process. Reduce billet inventory, shorten production cycle, reduce equipment and reduce plant area, thereby saving capital investment and production costs.

The electric heating furnace guarantees the casting of high-quality, defect-free slabs with a high and uniform temperature.

This is what we share about heating furnaces today, if you are interested, you can contact us.

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Video of the use process of the furnace

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