How to buy an intermediate frequency furnace that suits you?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-03-08

The intermediate frequency furnace is an induction heating equipment. As one of the mainstream heating equipment in the machinery industry, it has many functions.

In the forging industry, the intermediate frequency furnace can be used for pre-forging heating; in the foundry industry, the intermediate frequency furnace can be used for metal melting; in the heat treatment industry, the intermediate frequency furnace can be used for quenching and tempering heating of metals.

So how can we buy the intermediate frequency furnace equipment that suits us? Today, the editor of Hongteng will give you some suggestions on purchasing an intermediate frequency furnace.

1. First of all, determine what is the purpose of using the intermediate frequency furnace. Is it metal heating? Is it quenching and tempering heat treatment? Or metal smelting?

2. You need to determine what the material of the metal to be heated by the intermediate frequency furnace is. For example: steel, iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and alloy steel.

3. Determine the temperature of each process link of the intermediate frequency furnace. Including: heating temperature, annealing temperature, quenching temperature, forging temperature, and melting temperature. In this part, you can communicate with the manufacturer of the intermediate frequency furnace, such as Luoyang Hongteng.

4. Estimate how much metal you need to heat each time, and what size bar you need to heat.

5. According to the production capacity of the intermediate frequency furnace, select the appropriate power supply and inductor coil. These can be communicated with the manufacturer.

6. Other auxiliary facilities related to the intermediate frequency furnace, such as control cabinets, feeding mechanisms, cooling water towers, remote monitoring and other auxiliary equipment, as well as high-temperature refractory fillers related to the furnace body.

The above is the knowledge about the purchase of intermediate frequency furnaces summarized by Luoyang Hongteng Xiaobian. You are welcome to pay attention to us and let us solve more doubts about the intermediate frequency furnace for you.

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