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How to reduce the damage of intermediate frequency furnace thyristor(SCR)

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-03-04

The SCR is the main part of the intermediate frequency furnace and the heart of the intermediate frequency power supply. Its correct use is crucial to the operation of the intermediate frequency electric furnace. SCR is generally used in industrial electric furnaces, such as intermediate frequency melting furnaces, intermediate frequency heating furnaces, etc. It is normal to occasionally damage a few thyristors during the use of an intermediate frequency induction furnace. If silicon is frequently burned, it will cause alarm.

When the intermediate frequency furnace is working, the working current of the thyristor is several thousand amperes, and the voltage is usually one or two thousand volts. Good main control board protection and good water cooling conditions are necessary. The radiator structure of the thyristor: water-cooled cavity + multi-copper column support. If the circulating water is too hard, the scale will form inside the water cavity, resulting in poor heat dissipation of the machine; if the water cavity enters leaves and other sundries, it will also cause poor water flow.

Overload characteristics of thyristor: The damage of thyristor is called breakdown. Under normal water cooling conditions, the current overload capacity can reach more than 110%; the factory test temperature of the thyristor is 100 ℃, under normal circumstances, the circulating water temperature of the electric cabinet can be kept below 45 ℃ to ensure its normal operation.

The handheld infrared thermometer is very useful in the electric furnace industry. It is used to measure the temperature of the thyristor and the temperature of the radiator of the working power supply, so as to find abnormal points in time and deal with the fault.

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