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How to reduce the noise produced by the electric furnace?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-05-16

The previously published article “How to judge the operation effect of the intermediate frequency furnace based on the sound? “, it is mentioned that if the electric furnace produces a lot of noise during operation, it is likely that there is a problem with a part, and we need to check it carefully before we can solve the problem.

But until we get rid of the problem, the loud noise will pollute the surrounding environment and disrupt the concentration of the staff during production operations. Today, the editor of Hongteng will introduce some methods to reduce the noise of electric furnace.

1. Install soundproof doors

It is generally required that on the furnace working platform, the noise at a distance of 1m from the furnace body and a height of 1m should be ≤85dB (deducting background noise). Therefore, when installing sound insulation doors for two intermediate frequency furnace rooms, the sound insulation should be greater than 25dB, and the overall sound insulation performance should be in line with national requirements for medium and low frequency noise isolation.

2. Noise reduction of cooling and ventilation system

A large amount of heat generated by the electric furnace needs to be discharged in time, and the fan that discharges the heat is very noisy, which is also the main source of noise in the intermediate frequency furnace workshop. In order to effectively remove heat without letting the noise leak out, you can install an air inlet muffler and an exhaust muffler in the room where the electric furnace works.

3. Furnace shock absorption and noise reduction

When the furnace body is running at high power, the noise is relatively large due to the vibration of the induction coil, magnetic yoke and other components. In order to reduce vibration and noise, some measures can be taken on the structure of the furnace body. For example, add sound insulation materials to the inner wall of the furnace shell, add rubber pads on the hole cover, and add fillers in the cavity of the furnace body structure.

4. Sound absorption in the computer room

The inner wall and top surface of the computer room are treated with sound absorption, and the sound absorption material is mainly to absorb medium and high-density sound waves.

This is the solution to the noise of the induction furnace that we share today, hope it can help you.

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