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Induction furnace manufacturers

Author : Hongteng Time: 2024-04-09

Induction furnace manufacturers Induction heating furnace is a heating equipment that utilizes the principle of induction heating.


It is often used in metal heating, smelting, heat treatment and other processes in industrial production.

The following is the specific working principle of induction heating furnace.

Induction heating furnaces utilize the principle of electromagnetic induction. The high-frequency electromagnetic field generated by the high-frequency AC power source causes eddy currents in the workpiece, thereby generating heat on the surface of the workpi ece to complete the heating process.

The eddy current generates heat inside the workpiece, converts electrical energy into thermal energy, and completes the heating effect. An industrial furnace that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to melt metal. The AC power supplies used by induction furnaces include power frequency, medium frequency and high frequency. The three types of induction furnaces are divided into two categories: induction melting furnaces and induction heating equipment.


The former is used for smelting or heat preservation of materials, and the materials in the furnace will eventually become liquid;

The latter is used to heat materials, including overall uniform heating, surface heating or local heating of materials.

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