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Molding method of furnace lining for MF melting furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-09-10

According to the size of the crucible, the forming method of medium frequency furnace lining crucible can be divided into four kinds: mortar pouring forming method, pressure forming method, furnace forming method, and masonry method. the first two methods are mainly used to make small capacity (below 100 kg) crucible. the latter two methods are suitable for making medium and large capacity crucible.

1、Mortar pouring molding method

This crucible forming method is suitable for making special refractory crucible with capacity below 25 kg, such as CaO、BeO、ZrO2、ThO2、Al2O3 crucible.

2、Pressure Molding Method

The sand material of the crucible is mixed evenly according to different particle size ratios, then put into the pressure forming mold, and the pressure is applied to make it form. The pressure forming method can be divided into simple pressure forming and isostatic pressing forming.

3、Furnace inside Molding Method

The furnace forming method is a widely used crucible forming method. It is suitable for crucible forming with different capacities. The furnace molding method is divided into manual tamping molding method and mechanical vibration molding method.

4、Masonry Method

Masonry is the use of special refractory bricks, in the furnace masonry into the crucible. This method is suitable for hot charging large induction furnace. Crucible over 5 tons can be used. The advantages of this method are that the production time is short, the replacement is convenient, and the machinery and core of the furnace are not needed. The use of prefabricated refractory bricks can ensure the stability of quality and reduce the baking time.

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