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Nigeria Automatic Aluminum Ingot Casting Line

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-10-11

Project Overview

This project is located in Nigeria. The Customer collects a lot of scrap aluminum to produce aluminum ingots.

Nigeria Automatic Aluminum Ingot Casting Line project overview

Customer’s Request

The customers want to produce aluminum ingots from scrap aluminum, including scrap extrusion wire, scrap wheels, waste aluminum UBC cans.

Required Capacity: 1 ton per hour

Production Mode: Continuous

Nigeria Automatic Aluminum Ingot Casting Line Furnace Cabinet

Question & Challenge

The raw materials are easy to generate harmful gases that will pollute the environment heavily. In addition, the customer wants to produce continuously. One 1-ton aluminum melting furnace is hard to make it possible.


Due to the above questions and challenges, Luoyang Hongteng tailor-made a set of solutions for the customer. We recommend the customer to use 5 sets of 1-ton aluminum melting furnace for melting and 1 set of 5-ton aluminum holding furnace for keep the liquid aluminum melted. And matched with 1 set of 20-meter long automatic aluminum ingot casting line, the system can continuously work for whole day. When taking the environment protection into consideration, we arrange a set of bag dust collector to deal with the harmful gases.


Equipment Name Quantity
1-ton Aluminum Melting Furnace 5 sets
5-ton Aluminum Holding Furnace 1 set
20-meter Automatic Aluminum Ingot Casting Line 1 set
DMC-228 Bag Dust Collector 1 set

Current state

This project now is running efficiently and helps the customer reduce the labor cost. Therefore, the customer gives a lot of thanks to us.

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