No Oxidative Barbed Wire Well-type Annealing Furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-08-25

Power is approximately 160kw, using 900 degrees

Supporting heat resistance tank is made of 8 thick stainless steel plate, and the furnace cover is also made of stainless steel hot pressure furnace cover.

Material of 309S, is available for nitrogen filling. With two thermal insulation pits, higher work efficiency.

The bottom of the furnace is made of lightweight refractory brick and heavy refractory brick weight-bearing structure, the side adopts a light energy-saving method, and the furnace side has almost no heat absorption, good thermal insulation performance, energy saving and power saving. Furnace cover adopts insulated furnace cover (low-sealed tank furnace).

Double-zone control of the control cabinet, Smart temperature control table + empty open + solid state relay + alarm ,Current Display ,Type k thermocouple temperature measurement. ,Energy saving and uniform temperature, consistent annealing quality, simple and convenient operation, and high control accuracy.

Automatic heating and insulation time to, automatic reminder function,save labor, and can double the life of the tank, but also can improve the working environment of workers, is the first choice for enterprises to reduce personnel and increase efficiency.

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