Power supply and furnace configuration

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-11-26

1. One set of power supplies is equipped with one furnace body. This method has no spare furnace body, low investment, small floor space, high efficiency, and it is suitable for intermittent production.

2. One set of power supplies is equipped with two furnace bodies. In this way, the two furnace bodies can work alternately, and they are on standby for each other. Generally, the foundry shops adopt this configuration. A high-performance high-current furnace change switch can be selected between the two furnace bodies to switch, making the change more convenient.

3. N sets of power supplies are equipped with N+1 furnace bodies. In this way, multiple furnace bodies share a spare furnace body, which is suitable for use in workshops that require mass castings. High-performance high-current furnace changer switch can be used to switch the power supply between furnace bodies.

4. One set of power supply is equipped with two furnace bodies with different capacities and different purposes, one of which is for smelting and the other is for heat preservation. The furnace body has different capacities. For example, a set of 3000kW power supply is equipped with a 5t smelting furnace and a 20t holding furnace. A high-performance high-current furnace switch switch can be used between the two furnaces.

5. One set of smelting power supplies and one set of heat preservation power supplies are equipped with two furnace bodies. This method is suitable for the production of small castings. Due to the small casting ladle and long pouring time, the molten steel needs to be kept in the furnace for a certain period of time, so one electric furnace is smelted and the other is kept warm so that both furnace bodies can be fully utilized to improve production efficiency. With the continuous advancement of power supply technology, the current one-to-two method (such as thyristor or IGBT half-bridge series inverter intermediate frequency power supply), that is, a set of power supply supplies power to two furnace bodies at the same time, one of which is used for smelting, and the other is used as heat preservation. The power of the power supply is arbitrarily distributed between the two furnaces as required.

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