Principle of medium frequency heating furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-11-24

1. The principle of intermediate frequency heating furnace is based on electromagnetic induction heating, following the effect theory of electromagnetic, such as electromagnetic ring effect, skin effect, sharp corner effect, proximity effect, diathermic effect, conduction effect, and so on.

2, Intermediate frequency heating furnace is mainly composed of frequency conversion device and induction coil, frequency conversion device will power frequency 50Hz alternating current into if 100Hz– 10000H alternating current, the three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current after rectification, and then the direct current into adjustable if current, supply by the capacitor and the induction coil flow in the intermediate frequency alternating current, High-density magnetic field lines are generated in the induction ring, and the metal materials stored in the induction ring are cut to produce a large eddy current in the metal materials.

3. The frequency conversion device and induction coil of the intermediate frequency heating furnace make the heated metal material produce eddy current. This eddy current also has some properties of the intermediate frequency current, that is, the free electrons of the metal itself flow in the metal body with resistance to produce heat. , for example, put a metal cylinder has alternating medium frequency current in induction coil, metal cylinder has no direct contact with induction coil, electric coil temperature is very low, but the surfaces are heated to redness and even melt, and the redness and melting speed as long as adjusting the size and the strength of the current frequency can be achieved.

If the cylinder is placed in the center of the coil, the temperature around the cylinder is the same, and the heating and melting of the cylinder do not produce harmful gases and light pollution. To sum up, the basis of the principle of intermediate frequency heating furnace electromagnetic induction, the whole heating principle around the electromagnetic effect to design the intermediate frequency heating furnace heating.

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