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Reasons and Detection Methods for Failure to Start Medium Frequency Furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-11-30

The most common fault phenomenon in the use of a medium frequency furnace is that it cannot start normally. The following list of common reasons and detection methods for failure to start:

1. Thyristor breakdown, multimeter measurement, resistance are almost zero.

2. If the water-cooled cable is broken, the two ends can be stripped and connected to the two ends of the cable. If it can be started, it indicates that the cable is broken. Attention should be paid not to pull high power to avoid unnecessary danger caused by burning off the power cable with a high current.

3. The intermediate frequency transformer burns out. Measure the resistance of 1000V gear, which should be around 70.

4. Intermediate frequency output sintering, because the intermediate frequency output line is too small, the power has been lost in heat energy.

5. The harmonic current resistance of the current transformer burns out.

6. There is a problem with the inverter pulse transformer.

7. If the electric heating capacitor burns out, remove the copper bar and check it with a 1000V insulation resistance meter or a multimeter to see the charging and discharging.

8. The smelting furnace passes through the furnace and measures the resistance of molten steel and induction coil with a multimeter.

9. The intermediate frequency control board has parts breakdown and aging, and the board is replaced.

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