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Strand casting

Author : Hongteng Time: 2024-04-26
  1. Continuous casting, or direct casting, is a continuous casting process.

    It has the following advantages and features:

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  1. Efficient production:

String casting is a continuous production process that enables uninterrupted production of metal blanks. Compared with the traditional intermittent casting process, tandem casting can significantly improve production efficiency.


  1. Excellent product quality:

Due to its continuity and consistency, string casting can reduce the occurrence of defects and pores and improve product quality while ensuring product dimensional accuracy and uniformity.


  1. Save energy:

Since series casting reduces the number of reheats, the series casting process generally reduces heat loss, thereby saving energy and reducing production costs.


  1. Reduce processing:

Continuous casting can directly produce cast steel billets of the required final shape and size, reducing subsequent processing and saving time and costs.


  1. Wide applicability:

The thread casting process is suitable for the production of various metal materials including steel, aluminum alloy, copper, etc., and has strong applicability.


  1. Environmental protection advantages:

The thread casting process is more environmentally friendly and produces less waste and pollutants than traditional casting processes.


  1. Production automation:

Modern string casting systems usually have an advanced degree of automation, which can realize automatic control and monitoring, reduce manual operations, and improve production efficiency and safety.


In summary, the string casting process has great advantages in improving production efficiency, product quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, and is a casting technology widely used in modern metal processing.

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