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The core of the electric aluminum melting furnace

Author : Hongteng Time: 2024-05-31

What are the core and features of the electric molten aluminum furnace?

The core of the electric molten aluminum furnace mainly includes heating elements, furnace structure, control system, etc.

Its main features are:

1. High efficiency and energy saving:

The efficiency of electric energy conversion is relatively high, which can effectively reduce energy waste.

2. Accurate temperature control:

The temperature in the furnace can be accurately controlled to ensure the stability of the quality of aluminum liquid.

3. Environmental protection:

Relatively less pollution, more environmentally friendly.

The electric molten aluminum furnace is a key equipment in the aluminum industry. It consists of the following core components:

1. Furnace body:

The furnace shell is usually made of steel plate, and the interior is lined with refractory materials to resist high temperatures. Commonly used refractory materials include aluminosilicate bricks and alumina bricks.

2. Heating system:

Graphite electrodes or carbon electrodes are used to heat aluminum through electric arcs or resistances. The power supply system provides high-power current, usually including transformers and rectifiers.

3. Temperature control system:

The temperature sensor monitors the temperature in the furnace in real time to ensure accurate control. The control unit includes an automatic control system to adjust the current and voltage to maintain a stable temperature.

4. Melting and insulation system:

The melting tank is used for melting and insulation of aluminum to ensure uniform molten aluminum. The insulation cover reduces heat loss and maintains a high temperature environment.

5. Aluminum discharging system:

The aluminum discharging port is used to pour out the molten aluminum. The conveying device transports the molten aluminum to the subsequent process.

The electric aluminum melting furnace has the following main features:

1. Efficient energy utilization:

Compared with the traditional combustion heating method, the electric energy conversion efficiency is high and the energy loss is less. The temperature control is precise and energy consumption is reduced.

2. Strong environmental protection:

No combustion exhaust gas is generated, which reduces environmental pollution. Low noise is beneficial to the factory environment and worker health.

3. Accurate temperature control:

Through the automatic control system, the temperature fluctuation is small, which helps to produce high-quality aluminum products. The temperature can be adjusted as needed to meet the production requirements of different aluminum alloys.

4. Easy to operate:

The high degree of automation reduces the dependence on manual operation. Easy maintenance and long equipment life.

5. Strong adaptability:

It can be used for the production of a variety of aluminum alloys with wide adaptability. It can process different types of raw materials, including scrap aluminum and bauxite.

The electric aluminum melting furnace has significantly improved the production efficiency and quality of aluminum and aluminum alloys through its high efficiency, environmental protection and precise control. Luoyang HTGP is a professional electric molten aluminum furnace manufacturer, providing induction furnaces with various outputs.

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