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The process of making aluminum ingots from cans

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-08-25

Today we talk about the method of making aluminum ingots with cans by an aluminum ingot making machine.

1. Direct smelting into coarse aluminum ingots: the waste cans in the smelting furnace mixing, get a metal ingot similar to cooked aluminum, this kind of miscellany aluminum ingots sometimes in the market as pure aluminum ingots, bad influence.

2. Used for smelting some grades of alloy: some more standard enterprises in the smelting casting aluminum alloy, need to add some pure aluminum ingots to adjust the composition, but often increase the magnesium content of the alloy. This method is more practical for producing alloys with higher magnesium content.

3. Mixing with other waste ripe aluminum to produce miscellaneous aluminum ingots.

4. Manufactured into steelmaking deoxidizer.

5. The production of aluminum powder: the waste can in the rotary kiln for paint removal treatment, and then processing, the production of low-level aluminum powder.

In the use of cans to make aluminum ingots must master the correct operation method, so as to get a better processing effect.

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