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What Factors Are Related to 100 kg induction furnace price?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2023-11-02

The 100kg induction furnace price varies greatly. It depends on many factors. Today, we will talk about the factors that relate to the 100 kg induction furnace price.

An induction furnace is a machine for heating various metals, such as steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and so on. It converts electrical energy into heat energy through the principle of induction heating. A 100kg induction furnace refers to a metal material whose design capacity is 100kg. This type of induction furnace is typically used in small to medium-sized metal heating and melting applications such as casting, forging, heat treating, etc.

Hongteng 100 kg Induction Furnace Price

Brands and Manufacturers

Prices for induction stoves offered by different brands and manufacturers may vary. Some well-known manufacturers have a good reputation in the market and provide high-quality and reliable equipment.

Function and Performance

Induction furnaces may have different functions and performance features, such as automatic temperature control, energy consumption monitoring, furnace material, etc. Additional functionality and performance features may affect the price of the device.

Control Systems and Automation

Advanced control systems and automation features can improve the efficiency and accuracy of induction furnace operations. These functions may include temperature control, current regulation, automatic protection, etc. More complex and advanced control systems and automation features may increase the price of an induction furnace.

Cooling System

Induction furnaces typically require a cooling system to maintain the normal operating temperature of the equipment. The cooling system can be air cooling or water cooling, depending on the power of the device and the usage environment. More complex and efficient cooling systems may increase the price of an induction furnace.

Customization Requirements

If you have specific customization requirements, such as special furnace size, control system configuration, etc., this may result in an increase in price.


Market competition and cost structures in different countries and regions will also have an impact on the price of induction furnaces.

Material to Melt

  • 1. Material Melting Point: Different metals and alloys have different melting points. Some metals, such as aluminum and copper, have lower melting points, while other metals, such as steel and iron, have higher melting points. For high melting point materials, induction furnaces may require higher power and a more complex design, which may result in higher prices.

  • 2. Melting temperature: The temperatures required to melt different materials also affect the price of an induction furnace. Higher melting temperatures may require more powerful equipment and higher power, which may increase costs.

  • 3. Smelting capacity: The design capacity of the 100kg induction furnace is 100kg of metal. If the material to be smelted requires a capacity of more than 100kg, a more powerful induction furnace may be required, which may affect the price.

  • 4. Material characteristics: Some special metal alloys may have special melting requirements, such as precise temperature control, specific protective atmosphere, etc. This may require additional equipment or features, affecting the price.


These factors are for reference only and actual prices and factors may vary on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, it is best to contact the induction stove manufacturer or supplier directly to obtain detailed pricing information customized to your specific needs.

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