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What are the advantages of medium frequency electric furnaces in metal smelting?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-01

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of product quality requirements, many jewelry manufacturers and handicraft manufacturers have chosen medium frequency melting furnaces to smelt non-ferrous metals, and have achieved remarkable results. So, what are the advantages of medium frequency electric furnaces in metal smelting?

The actual operation of the medium frequency smelting furnace is simple, and the temperature rises quickly, and it can be opened at any time. The application of energy consumption is reduced, which can ensure the control and smooth development of the whole melting process, and relieve the troublesome work of the workers in the melting furnace. The adoption of new technologies, new materials, and new processes has improved the performance and application effects of the medium frequency furnace, showing more and more vitality, and has achieved significant social and economic benefits. The medium frequency smelting furnace adopts an automatic frequency tracking system, and the frequency can be automatically adjusted with the load change without switching the capacitor. In recent years, the medium frequency furnace adopts KGPS induction heating device, which has high component density, outstanding performance, better start-up, more reliable use, simple maintenance, small footprint, and more advanced manufacturing technology.

The furnace body and furnace lining of the medium frequency electric furnace adopt the new structure and new materials, and the part close to the inductor coil is isolated by high-insulation and high-strength materials, which greatly prolongs the service life of the crucible and the furnace village and makes it easier to replace the crucible. The heating efficiency of using high-purity graphite crucible and calcite crucible is much higher than that of using refractory insulation material crucible, which reduces the smelting time and greatly reduces thermal damage. The medium frequency smelting furnace is very suitable for smelting platinum, gold, silver, k-gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. The electrical efficiency can reach 95 or more, and ideal economic benefits can be obtained.

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