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What are the components of small hot steel rolling mill machinery?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-09

Steel hot rolling mill machinery (steel rolling equipment) can be divided into a variety of models, most of the domestic small enterprises choose less investment. Small rolling mill to produce quick results, the rolling equipment for small, less with artificial, general operator in the 4-7, due to the global economic downturn in recent years, steel market is very unstable, investing in rolling mills are also is very heavy, so, do small rolling mills is very popular recently, what are the part of small rolling mill, the first is the main frame of rolling mill Part, including cast steel frame, alloy roll, electric pressure down device, low plate device; Connection parts by the plum flower axis and the plum blossom, all item of the spindle is used in the main rolling mill, the rest are three shaft gear box, flywheel bearing, reducer and the main motor, equipment simple and easy operation, suitable for individual small business plant, its main production capacity of annual output of ten thousand tons of steel rebar and park, in the processing of mould and after that to machining special-shaped steel, etc., our company can design and manufacture a variety of rolling equipment for the user.

The company can produce φ250-850 rolling mill, gear frame, reducer, φ280-480 high steel degree tying machine series, all kinds of GB coupling and non-standard coupling design and manufacture, shearing machine and 1T-20T induction furnace steelmaking equipment hydropower equipment And undertake large complete sets of non-standard equipment design and manufacturing. Here are some examples of our company’s work for your reference

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