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MF induction melting furnace fault maintenance manual

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-14

Normally from the maintenance habit, MF furnace is composed of Loading part(include: Furnace change over switch, Water cooling cable, Busbar, Furnace induction coil, etc.) Compensating capacitor, Smoothing reactor, and Control cabinet 4 parts.

When there is an error on the device, we normally consider simple errors, to prevent simple failures from being complicated. Secondly, before arriving at the site for inspection, the operator should be inquired in detail about the phenomenon and the relevant situation when the fault occurs analysis of the information, sometimes can be very helpful. If the condition is allowed and indeed needs to Implement fault recurrence, we need to operate the machine and observe the malfunction at no damage on components. All these are helpful to judge the fault range in time, thus saving many unnecessary tedious inspections. If the fault scope cannot be determined according to the fault phenomenon and related conditions, the inspection must be carried out according to the complex fault inspection procedure.

The practice shows that the application of the elimination method in logic can greatly accelerate the process of fault checking. Selecting proper inspection methods on specific faults can simplify complex faults and complete maintenance tasks in time. The common fault inspection methods are substitution method, relief test method, visual inspection method, contrast method, and so on.

The complicated fault inspection procedure is from simple to complex, from load part to control cabinet, and adopts the thinking method of step-by-step elimination. The inspection of the smoothing reactor is rather troublesome. If the reactance coil has been used for a long time, it should be updated and replaced with intact parts, which can not only completely eliminate its faults, but also be used as necessary daily maintenance. After the possibility of reactor faults is eliminated, the fault scope is gradually reduced, and the faults can be eliminated by cooperating with other inspection methods.

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