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Industrial furnace lining repair and maintenance

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-15

1. When longitudinal cracks appear on the induction furnace wall, a slow heating method should be adopted to heal the cracks before smelting metal.

2. When transverse cracks appear on the furnace wall, according to the actual situation, the transverse crack can be filled with a fine powder of refractory material, and then the material is added and melted.

3. When the melting furnace bottom is corroded, it can be repaired with furnace lining material, and covered with iron plate after repairing, and the metal furnace material is added for low power melting for a period of time and then full power melting.

4. The maintenance and maintenance of the smelting furnace lining are generally carried out in the case of a cold furnace. The furnace should be cooled by natural cooling or water cooling system, and water spray cooling is not allowed.

5. After smelting steel, the molten iron is produced. In order to prevent cracks on the furnace wall, an asbestos board should be added to the furnace mouth for heat preservation.

6. If the industrial furnace is shut down for a long time, the electric furnace should be slowly heated and melted when the furnace is turned on next time so that the small cracks in the furnace lining can be healed by themselves.

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