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Insulation treatment of induction furnace coils

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-12-16

1, Induction furnace coil insulation treatment process is commonly used for four insulation treatment methods. First, the surface of the coil is sprayed with insulating paint; Secondly, a layer of mica tape is wound on the coil sprayed with insulating paint. Thirdly, wrap a layer of glass ribbon around the mica ribbon; Finally, a layer of insulating paint is applied. This insulation treatment process can ensure the insulation voltage resistance of the industrial induction furnace coil up to 5000V.

2, Induction furnace coil insulation treatment is another way to directly spray high-temperature insulation paint, some commonly claimed that the insulation paint can withstand a temperature of 1800℃, we think that this temperature value is still to be discussed, but spraying high-temperature insulation paint is also a simple method. Theoretically speaking, high-temperature insulation paint insulation grade is high, the insulation coating temperature resistance is higher, high-temperature insulation coating volume resistivity, more than 1016Ωm at room temperature. High dielectric strength (breakdown strength), greater than 30kV /m. It has good chemical stability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and good soothing reactivity. No flash point, ignition point, high hardness, hardness is greater than 7H. Heat resistant to 1800℃ can work under open fire for a long time.

3, Induction furnace coil insulation whether it is the distance between turns of insulation, or winding insulation materials, or spraying high-temperature insulation paint, Hongteng Electric Induction Furnaces Company believes that the final coil inside and coil between the turns of daub a layer of refractory cement. Refractory cement used in induction furnace coil, coil in its surface evenly with ramp, have very good insulation effect, can prevent the coil turn-to-turn short circuit or discharging and have too much impact current burn thyristor, etc., effectively prevent the coil aging, leakage caused by coil flint, effectively prevent due to high temperature of molten steel in the electric furnace.

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