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What furnace is used to melt aluminum

Author : Hongteng Time: 2024-06-17

A variety of furnaces can be used to melt aluminum. Here are some common types:


– Crucible furnace:

This is a more commonly used aluminum melting equipment, which is divided into gas crucible furnace, oil crucible furnace, electric crucible furnace, etc. The advantages of crucible furnace are low investment, easy operation, high metal recovery rate, but small production capacity, short life, and unstable composition.



– Rectangular furnace:

Simple structure, easy operation, using the method of charging at the furnace door, which is conducive to rapid charging in a short time and improving the charging operation rate. Rectangular furnaces can better meet the requirements of strict alloy composition, large single furnace capacity, discontinuous production, etc. in the smelting process of aluminum and aluminum alloys, while saving energy and improving working conditions.



– Round furnace:

Advanced round furnaces can tilt to pour aluminum water. Compared with rectangular furnaces, round furnaces are usually larger in tonnage, including 2 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, etc. Round furnaces may have certain advantages in control systems and waste heat recovery.



When choosing an aluminum melting furnace, the following factors need to be considered:



– Demand and purpose:

Determine the type and specifications of the furnace according to specific production needs and process requirements.


– Heating method:

Consider the use of different heating energy sources such as natural gas, liquefied gas, electricity, etc., as well as their costs and efficiency.


– Capacity and production efficiency:

Select a furnace with appropriate capacity according to the output requirements to ensure that production needs are met.


– Control system:

Select a furnace with precise temperature control and safety interlock devices to ensure smelting quality and operational safety.


– Energy saving and environmental protection:

Pay attention to the energy utilization rate and environmental protection performance of the furnace, and choose energy-saving equipment.


– Cost and budget:

Consider factors such as equipment price, operating cost, maintenance cost, etc., and choose a cost-effective aluminum melting furnace.

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