What is the high yoke temperature of steel shell furnace?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-08-25

Red yoke of steel shell furnace is a common fault phenomenon. If there is no problem in the circulation of cooling water, it can usually be solved from the following aspects:

1. The yoke of medium frequency furnace is aging and the interturn coating is seriously corroded. Solution: Open the silicon steel sheet for surface coating treatment.

2. Stick molten steel (iron filings) on the yoke. Solution: Grind the yoke to remove adhered iron filings.

3. If the fault phenomenon still exists after the above treatment, try to adjust the overheated yoke to a position close to the furnace nozzle for installation.

4. Check the thickness of the furnace bottom. Too thick a furnace bottom will also cause the yoke to heat up and become red.

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