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What should be considered when installing a small rolling mill?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2021-09-30

There are strict requirements for the installation of small rolling mills, as well as rolling equipment, but there are still many differences between small rolling mills and other equipment, so special attention should be paid to the installation. Because of the complexity of the electrical control section of a small rolling mill, including one or more working stands and their transmission devices, the rolling line usually has a long process layout and a strict height difference between the equipment and the centerline.

When installing the equipment on the rolling line on a soft soil foundation, the uneven settlement and displacement of the equipment should be considered. This is also the reason why the settlement observation point should be set up according to the center marking plate, reference point, rolling mill, and other equipment and regular measurement should be carried out before the installation of the rolling mill. Only when settlement and displacement become stable can the equipment be adjusted accurately.

Because the working load of roller bearings is very heavy, the friction coefficient of bearings is required to be very small, and the bearings should have enough strength and stiffness to be easy to replace. Generally speaking, the mechanical properties of hot mills are better than those of cold mills, and the properties of steel are naturally better. One of the most attractive features of small rolling mills is the flexible adjustment of rolling speed so that the equipment can play a better role, which is also the basis for automation and continuous operation. Of course, the newly designed mill has more advantages.

The new steel rolling mill designed and produced by Hongteng machinery can not only guarantee the tensile strength of the finished steel bar, but also greatly improve the elongation and the larger total elongation of the broken steel bar, improve the mechanical properties of the product, and overcome the problem of low ductility of the cold-rolled steel bar. The passive one-roll and one-drag rolling mill used in this paper can realize secondary rolling, which not only solves the speed matching problem, but also changes the traditional four-roll rolling method, and significantly improves the production efficiency. Through automatic control calculation, to ensure that the product appearance and size accurate, excellent surface quality. This proves that the innovation of industrial technology has greatly improved the use of technology on the traditional basis of the mill, not only stabilized the quality of finished steel but also improved the production efficiency, which has brought great benefits to customers.

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