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What should we do when the induction furnace is out of water or power?

Author : Hongteng Time: 2022-03-15

When we use induction furnace to smelt metal, sometimes we encounter some sudden problems that will stop the furnace body from working. We need to know a little bit about how these accidents are handled. Today we will give you a brief introduction.

When there is a power failure, the water supply in the induction coil stops because of the power failure. The heat conducted from the molten iron is very large, and the water in the coil may become steam, which affects the cooling of the coil. The induction coil temperature is too high and may even melt.

When the power outage time is less than 1 hour, we can use industrial water or use gasoline engine pump water to provide water. At this time, the furnace is in a state of power failure, so the water flow rate of the induction coil is 25-30% of that when smelting is powered on. The temperature drop of the molten steel in the furnace is also limited. We only need to cover the molten iron surface with charcoal to prevent heat dissipation and wait for the electricity to continue.

If the power outage lasts for a long time, such as more than a day, the molten iron will solidify. It is best to pour the molten iron out while it is still fluid. Hongteng’s equipment can be turned over using a manual reducer, or you can use other containers to transfer the molten steel.

If the molten iron has begun to solidify, it is necessary to destroy the crust layer on its surface, so as to facilitate the removal of gas when the furnace body is smelted again, and prevent the gas from expanding and causing an explosion accident.

If the power outage occurs when the cold charge first starts to melt, then there is no need to worry too much, just keep it as it is. Just keep running the water and wait for the next time the power is turned on and then continue to melt.

The above is what the editor of Luoyang Hongteng shared about the treatment methods for induction furnace power outages and water outages.

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